Saturday, October 2, 2010

Insane mountainbiking!

I stumbled upon this video as I was looking for cool mountainbiking videos, and I must say I'm amazed!

Idk if you can classify this as mountainbiking, or _traditional_ moutainbiking, at least. To me it looks like this type of biking is a big part of their culture! They even sacrifice their own house for the purpose of this race, and it really amazes me how people can be so interested in something. This must be very important for them. It's kind of funny to see the trophies at the end, and they're not very glamorous..

Do you know of any similiar places where there's a sport that's so important for the people?


  1. We got something like that in Portugal. It's called downhill and they basicly try not to kill themselves while riding down a shitload of stairs and whoever comes first wins... Point is... Lot's of competitors, pretty low space, it's fun to watch tough =)

  2. new way to jump the border?? haha

  3. super bikers round is the world
    Aprecite all bikers for that