Friday, October 1, 2010

Behold, the gateway to Acou's interests!

Hi there!

I've never created a blog before, but might as well start now. Right? I heard about how you can make money by writing about random stuff -- as I will probably be doing -- and though, "why not?" Thus this blog was created!

Technology is something that interests me, but also fashion and everyday stuff! I'm interested in most things, including what other's find intersting. I thought this might be a good way to find new intriguing things through other's blogs -- I'm always open to new stuff!

As for my blog-posts, they'll often be recitations of news that _I_ value and acknowledge. You could say this is a collection of what I find important!

Acou out! :)


  1. i really enjoy blogging because i really enjoy writing. and i love reading what other people have to say, i only hope you have interesting things to say.

  2. Im really interested in other people's life
    Who they are, how they think, what they like.
    Great way to meet new people

  3. Welcome to the blogging world!
    Its very nice blogging, you find all sorts of funny and interesting things here. Hope to see you around :D

  4. yeah blogging is pretty fun! you should check out my blog! :)

  5. oh hello kind sir, have me met yet? =)

    smoochies n' poopies! :*